Let The Games Begin

One of the best things about PaddleCourt® is that not only can you play the games you’re already familiar with, but also create new and exciting ways to get in the court. Below are some of our favorites.

General Rules of Play (from 2-4 players)

Return hit must reach chest level of other player(s)

Must have both feet inside court at time of hit (unless playing outside)

No other part of the body can touch the ground at time of hit

Rules can be changed if agreed upon by all players

Fun Games using a Basic PaddleCourt® (two (2) black sideline straps + two (2) black endline straps)

"Classic” – keep play alive while keeping feet inside court

"Pass Over" – return shots must pass over court area while standing outside

"Motion" - keep the ball alive while moving after hitting. Can be played in or out of the court

"Call It" – name non-recurring example of game category while hitting (ex: colors, ice-cream flavors, cartoon characters).

Competitive Play using a Dual PaddleCourt® (Basic PaddleCourt® + one (1) blue competition strap)

Play starts with a three (3) hit volley. Score points by landing ball on opponent’s section of court. Return hit must reach chest-level height of opposing player. No smashing or overhead shots. Additional rules must be agreed upon by all players.

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