Say Hello To PaddleCourt®

We’re taking paddleball to the next level. 

We've enjoyed playing beach paddleball for years but always felt something was missing. It's fun hitting the ball back & forth to each other - but determining if someone was "in or out" and keeping score wasn't easy. The more we watched - and played - other paddle sports our mission became clear:

Improve paddleball by elevating the game from a purely recreational activity to a competitive sport.

It's from that desire that PaddleCourt® was born - a simple, portable strap system that lets you set up a professional paddleball court in minutes. Our patent pending design lets you create your own court anywhere you play paddleball - the beach, your backyard, local park, college campus, or the playground. Just set your lines, grab your paddles and play the game you want to play.

Now you can - with PaddleCourt®.